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.fluid – Manipulating non-newtonian fluid with Processing and Arduino

Created by Hannes Jung during the two week project “Talk to me – Form follows mood” at the KISD (Köln Interntional School of Design), .fluid is a concept study of an interacting, changing surface. Installation uses non-newtonian fluid, an arduino board, a speaker and processing to allow surface to change from liquid to solid, from plain to three-dimensional symmetric patterns.

Imagine surfaces start to communicate with you. Your mobile gets goose skin when your lover texts you. Your WiFi controller changes the look and feel of it’s surface according to different game situations. Your sofa gives you a short massage as a warm welcome when you return home from a hard day of work. Your laptop feels dried out when battery status is getting low.

While getting Input from the hands of its spectators, the installation provokes collaboration to examine how how far it can be pushed.


This is pretty cool!

she a window flower, and he a winter breeze: I feel this point must be made.


Dear non-gamers who do not fully grasp the concept of what it means to deeply enjoy a video game,

It has come to my attention, as an avid gamer, that you often give me very judgemental glances and snicker at me when I am fangirling over a particular video game that I hold very near and dear to my…

As a former a retail worker in the gaming industry this could not be more true! It saddens me to see the industry slide to, and cater to, the FPS/sports genre. Very few games are released that are worth the price you pay.

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